This new production, the ensemble Mosaicollective dedicates to these extremely important little animals that ensure our survival. Without bees there is no pollination, without pollination there is no fruit and vegetables, without fruit and vegetables our plates remain empty. But not only that – bees can produce sounds with their wings and communicate through dances. Together they are strong against enemies and natural phenomena. They are busy in summer and sluggish in winter. Bees are smart and we can learn a lot from them! Through music, dance and projections, the ensemble brings the world of bees to life for a young (and young at heart) audience.

Musicians: Elena La Conte (flute, voice & percussion) | Kristina Van de Sand (violin, voice & percussion)
Visual Arts: Elide Gramegna
Dance and Choreography: Bárbara Faustino
Artistic support to the direction, composition and design of the lights
: Mili Vizcaíno
Performances at: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg | Philharmonie Köln | Academia Inatel Lisboa

Duration: app. 40 Minutes

Target Public: for families and young audiences, ages 2+

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