Yoga, Concert & Dance Performance – COMING SOON!

Trimurti is an experience in which the audience is challenged to participate in a Yoga and Meditation Class, which culminates in a Dance and Concert Performance, created by Pedro Mendes and Kristina Van de Sand.
The public’s senses are actively stimulated throughout the Yoga Class, not only by the physical exercise but also by the live music, created specifically for this format. This three-dimensional experience between body, mind and sensations takes the participants to the state of stillness and focus of guided meditation, placing them emotionally in line with what follows – the Dance and Concert Performance.

Trimurti was born from a need to express hope and change, in the global context that we are experiencing today and from now on. In Hinduism, the triad of Brahma (Creation), Vishnu (Maintenance) and Shiva (Destruction) – Trimurti – is the representation of the life cycle that leads us to explore themes from death to construction. From the harshness of the end we proactively create new possibilities for hope – the death of something is always the beginning of something new.

Duration: app 90 minutes
Yoga Class and Meditation held in English/German/Portuguese/French

Musical Repertoire:

  • Bryce Dessner – Aheym (Fragments)
  • Philip Glass – Company (Fragments)
  • Maykomashmalom – Vladimir Godár
  • Maloya Kabose – Davy Siccard
  • All the time – Kristina Van de Sand
  • Concerto In A Minor, Rv 356 Largo- Antonio Vivaldi
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Field Recordings and Improvisations

Photos by Patrícia Andrade

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