A Kaleidoscope of Music

Three travelling musicians from Italy and Germany, stranded in Lisbon. Packed with Jazz, World Music and Musicology Studies they set out for new adventures, searching different perspectives, rhythms and melodies, broadening their horizons. Their concerts are excursions to the most remote parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa. The travelogues get mixed up and so the music: Klezmer with Funk, Italian folklore with African rhythms, Chanson with Batucada. The three musicians sing in every language they find appropriate and transform the public into talented singing birds.

A musical expedition with Elena La Conte (flute, voice & percussion), Chiara Pellegrini (guitar,voice & percussion) and Kristina Van de Sand (violin, voice &percussion.

Winner of the creole global music award Berlin in 2019!!! This is the jury’s rating:

“This band showed a varied style of playing, high musicality, an original instrumentation, nice communication with the audience, lively performance and great joy in playing.”

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