Lusoriental Sounds from Lisbon

Faya is a versatile band with an authentic and fascinating performance on stage. The three musicians Elena, Mili and Kristina are originally from Italy, Spain and Germany, but met in Lisbon. Their music is a unique fusion of Latin American, Indian, African and European sound worlds, reflecting their respective roots and their insatiable curiosity about other musical cultures. 

Kristina van de Sand: Violin, Viola and Voice

Mili Vizcaíno Jean: Guitar, Cajon and Voice

Elena La Conte: Flute, Assalato and Voice

Winner of the creole global music award Berlin in 2019!!! This is the jury’s rating:

“This band showed a varied style of playing, high musicality, an original instrumentation, nice communication with the audience, lively performance and great joy in playing.”

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