O Canto Da Baleia

audiovisual aquatic adventure for young audiences

a production by Mosaicollective

With the blue whale, protagonist of our aquatic spectacle, we dive deep into the ocean. We meet the marine inhabitants: fishes, medusae, seaweed and other strange sea creatures. Curious, the whale dives deeper and deeper, until it touches the ocean ground, full of trash – too toxic for the marine animals! The mermaid gets tangled in a lost fishing net and expresses her anger with a furious dance. In search of clean water, the whale appears again on the surface when a big storm is coming up …

With two to three musicians and beautiful visual arts on the overhead projector, we tell this little story about the adventures of a whale. We listen to the wind and the waves and watch the dancing mermaids and singing jellyfish. The water becomes the central artistic material on the overhead projector and the musicians transform into strange shadow beings in the ocean depths. In interactive moments with the young audience we make a “garbage batucada” and experience the sensation of storm. On the musical principle of “Call & Response” we provide song texts and rhythms so that our audience can actively participate in the show.
Come and dive with us!

Musicians: Elena La Conte (flute, voice & percussion) | Kristina Van de Sand (violin, voice & percussion) | guest musician: Chiara Pellegrini (voice, guitar & percussion)
Visual Arts: Elide Gramegna
Performances at: Philharmonie Köln (DE) | Musikschule Hildesheim (DE)| Fetival Navicelle (IT) | GWA St. Pauli, Hamburg (DE) | Museu das Marionetas, Lisbon (PT)| Deutsche Schule Lissabon (PT)

Duration: 50 Minutes
Target Public: Young Audiences up to 8 years and families. We can also offer an adapted format for babys + acompanying adults
Booking: If you want to stage this performance at your school, please contact us under collectivemosaico@gmail.com

Educational offers:

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd school year:
During the workshop, participants can take a look behind the scenes of O Canto Da Baleia and work with us to develop a maritime soundscape with garbage and recycling materials. We communicate selected songs and rhythms, play with the waves of the ocean and let the sea creatures dance on our screen. In this playful way, we want to make young people aware of issues such as pollution and recycling.

cushion concerts
For the little ones, we adapted our concert to a 30-minute format. We make ourselves comfortable on pillows, listen to the wind and the waves and dive together into a wonderful underwater sound world. With simple materials such as chiffon, shakers, rattles and ocean drum, even the little ones can actively participate or relax in the arms of their parents during a comforting massage song.

“Es war wirklich wunderschön anzusehen und anzuhören! Absolutes Gänsehauterlebnis! Die Kinder löchern mich seither mit Fragen zum Thema Müll und Plastik und kommen mit tollen Ideen, wie man Plastik vermeiden könnte. Also: Vielen Dank, dass Ihr die Kinder so mit eurer Musik für das Thema sensibilisiert habt.”

march 2019, teacher from Deutsche Schule Lissabon

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