Wenn Ich Ein Vöglein Wär’

“If I Were A Bird” – baby and family concert

Is it the cuckoo, the cockatoo or the crow? Which bird is singing right now? Are we in a jungle or in the city park right next to us? “If I Were A Bird I Would Fly To Thee“ – the four string quartet players take this literally and get in touch with the young audience.  A delicate red thread is spun between baroque dance music from the 17th century, selected german folk tunes running through improvisations and minimal music until reaching pop-songs from Michael Jackson. Decorated with feathers, the musicians move – playing – among the public, so that the sound enfolds the audience and the instruments are sensorially experienced.  The two violins, viola and violoncello are complemented by the female voices of the quartet as well as by interactive moments with the audience.

Simsalabim bamba saladu saladim – next year the cuckoo will be there again!

The format of this concert can be adapted to different settings and age groups between 1 and 6 years.

concept & artistic direction: Kristina Van de Sand | Kathrina Hülsmann

Quartett PLUS 1: Katharina Pfänder (violin) | Kristina Van de Sand (violin) | Kathrina Hülsmann (viola) | Lisa Stepf (Cello)

costumes: Ann-Kathrin Blohmer

performances at: Philharmonie Köln | Musikschule Hildesheim | Theater Wrede+, Oldenburg

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