Die Beste Beerdigung der Welt

The Best Funeral in The World

A composition, created with the audience

Trailer: Die Beste Beerdigung der Welt, Quartett PLUS 1, 2015 from Katharina Pfänder on Vimeo.

A ritual of saying good-bye? Maybe a funeral? Why are the flowers dry? Is this here a danse macabre or a birthday party? 

To make friends during your lifetime with death as our constant companion, our dance partner, we find a good idea. We practice this dance together. But who knows the dance steps? Is it going on- or homewards? Have we prepared, packed and really thought of everything? Stop. What do you hear? Does it sound like that when we become earth? Let’s bump into life and give ourselves completely to the music. After all, today is our birthday – the real reason for our dying.Happy Birthday, Death!

Quartett PLUS 1: Katharina Pfänder (violin) | Kristina Van de Sand (violin) | Kathrina Hülsmann (viola) | Lisa Stepf (Cello)

director: Verena Ries

costumes: Ann-Kathrin Blohmer

light and scenografie: Sarah Ruppert

coproduction with: Deutsches Theater Göttingen, 2015/16

performances at : Deutsches Theater Göttingen| Theater Wrede+, Oldenburg | TfN Hildesheim

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