In Carta, Mónica Calle continues to raise the questions: how do you continue? How do we resist and how do we overcome, individually and collectively? And how, in this process, is it possible to rescue joy, pleasure?

Starting from a symphony, played live, she again challenges the performers to reflect on these and other issues. A place of questioning that arises from the body, from its limitations and capacities, and to overcome it. The innocence of the attempt. The wonder of error, of failure. The rigor. The transcendence. The astonishment. Rewiring.

This new show, Carta, is part of a research process that has accompanied Mónica Calle for the past 7 years, entitled Essay for a Cartography, where the perspective of theater, music and classical dance has been worked on. In this new work, whose title is related to the word cartography (Latin charta), there is now a group of professional musicians, that, together with the cast of actresses, will return to that initial question: how do you continue and how do you start over? Question that develops new shapes in face of the circumstances that we all live in today. Artistic work as a place of resistance and humanity.

Premiere: 14.01.2021, at Teatro Dona Maria II

Direction: Mónica Calle

Musical Direction: Martim Sousa Tavares

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