worldwide wo+men in concert

worldwide solidarity for music without borders

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions for artists, audiences and venues are fundamentally changing the music landscape. With the desire to support musicians, sound engineers and videographers during this difficult time, the idea for this project was born.

We are planning the first series of concerts with small, intimate formats, with female artists from Hanover (Germany) and around the world. The wonderful international musicians supporting this project are:

# 1 La Perla (COL) | 16/10/2020

#2 Loli Molina (ARG/MEX) | 23/10/2020

#3 Faya (PRT/GER/ITA) | 30/10/2020

#4 Badi Assad (BRA) | 06/11/2020

#5 Sobi (GER) | 13/11/2020

The participating artists each agree to organize a concert at a place of their choosing – that might just be their living room, or a small venue, inside or outside, whatever is possible and what they prefer. In each venue, an audience can and should be present, within the possible framework of the coronavirus guidelines. The audience is far broader than this, however, since the concerts are filmed and broadcasted worldwide.

The setup of this project and the first concerts are funded by the city of Hanover, through a so-called ‘corona stability package’. This gives us a stable financial basis for the first series of concerts, for which we can pay a fee to the artists and technicians.

But we have an ambitious and wonderful vision: the idea of ​​a project that grows and can constantly develop and that will support itself in the future through donations. All your donations go into the ‘big pot’, financing the upcoming concerts. We would like to support many more artists and technicians with this project!

So don’t hesitate to help and make part of that beautiful, solidary movement! We appreciate your support!

The people behind this project:

As professional musician and music pedagogue, I am currently affected by the actual situation. So I initiated this project during summer 2020, reflecting on solutions for this upcoming winter period. I am working in cooperation with Basti Hofmann (Flowfish Records/Köterhai Booking), curating the program for “world wide wo+men in concert”.

We are receiving a lot of positive feedback on this project idea and can therefore present a steadily growing list of supporting partners:

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